Sports, sports and more sports. Fall is the best time to be a sports fan. For pro sports you have NFL, MLB Playoffs, NHL, NBA, Nascar Playoffs all happening at the same time. But to be a sports fan in Missoula is extra special. We have Griz Football which is a dominate force.

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With over 26,000 fans at Washington Grizzly Stadium for Saturday home games, rumor has it with that many people it makes the stadium the 6th or 7th biggest population in the entire stat of Montana on game days. It isn't all about Griz Football though.

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Griz Soccer and  Hockey

There is so much for sports fans in our town. The University of Montana Women's Soccer team is great to watch in the fall. I am a huge hockey fan and now that the Griz have a hockey team the fall is shaping up to be even more special. By the way, they have awesome jerseys, the throwback copper and gold jerseys are rad. When MSU comes to town the Glacier Ice Rink goes crazy!

Griz Hockey/Credit:Chris Wolfe
Griz Hockey/Credit:Chris Wolfe

Sports aren't just about the U of M. High School Football is in full swing and Missoula's own Sentinel Spartans have been on a roll the past few years winning back to back state class AA titles and are currently sitting in second place in the state. Hellgate High School Football didn't have enough players to field a team a few years ago, but they weren't gone for long and now they are back with the full support of our community.

Big Sky has the home stadium for all three teams so it is always cool when they get a chance to play at "home". A lot of these young football players may be playing for the Griz someday, so supporting them is important as they work under the Friday night lights. Missoula has plenty of other sports to offer in the fall. Girls and boys soccer is underway. Girls volleyball is happening.

Not all Fall Sports in Montana Are Easy to Watch

There are a few sports in progress that make  being a spectator difficult. It isn't because of lack of support, it's because of logistics. The golf teams are in full swing and I would argue that Fall is the best time of year to be a golfer. The high school Cross Country teams are also working hard this time of year. Missoula Youth Football is also underway for the youngsters that are hoping one day to wear the Maroon and Silver of the Griz. There is a lot to choose from, so in between the Griz Football games keep some of these other local sports in mind when planning your fall sports watching and enjoy! Go Sports!

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