The Missoula City County Health Department’s mobile COVID 19 testing clinic will be hitting the road later this week, according to COVID 19 Incident Commander Cindy Farr.

“The first stop for our mobile testing clinic will be in Clinton on Thursday, May 14th,” said Farr. “Our testing crew will park our public health van in the Clubhouse parking lot near the elementary school. There, Missoula County residents, healthcare workers or first responders that work in the county with symptoms can make an appointment to get tested. We continue to follow CDC guidance on what symptoms to test, and they include fever, cough, shortness of breath, chills, sore throat, muscle pain, vomiting, diarrhea, and new loss of taste or smell.”

Farr said the traveling clinic will be conducted exactly the same as it is in Missoula.

“The mobile clinic will work like it does at the Fairgrounds,” she said. “You drive and stay in your car and the testing staff will guide you on how to perform the test yourself, since this limits contact and potential spread of the disease. The test is free so no payment is required, and once you get your swab you’ll receive instructions to follow while you wait for your results to come in, and then you’ll be on your way.”

Farr said travel restrictions will remain in place until further notice. That includes a 14 day quarantine for those coming into the state, or returning to the state.

“Quarantine means you stay at home or at your hotel or accommodation separating yourself from others and monitoring for symptoms of COVID 19 and then contacting a healthcare provider or a testing site if you develop those symptoms,” she said. “If you are quarantining you can’t leave to go to the grocery store or public outdoor recreation or go to work or any other activity. You really must remain in your place of quarantine for the duration of you quarantine period.”

Farr produces a You Tube video every day featuring topics related to the COVID 19 pandemic.

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