Mistakes happen. You are sitting at your desk with a million tabs open on your desktop. You are frustrated with your current situation and need to vent. You could keep your thoughts to yourself, or you could lash out on Facebook. Both seemingly harmless, right? Well, sure! That is, unless you "accidentally" use your office's official Facebook fan page to broadcast "F this job" to all of its Big Sky fans. That's exactly what happened in this instance..





According to Gawker:

The latest victim of this all-too-common occurrence is an unnamed account manager at MercuryCSC, the Bozeman-based marketing firm responsible for handling Montana Tourism's consumer engagement.

So far no word from MercuryCSC on the employee's fate, and visitMontana has scrubbed the offending post from their Facebook page without issuing a statement.


(UPDATE: visitMontana issued a formal statement, "An employee of Montana’s advertising agency made a mistake and posted a personal comment to our account, which wasn’t intended for our page. We apologize for the error. To be clear, Montana still loves their job of attracting visitors to our beautiful state.")

While this may possibly be the absolute wrong way to bow out of a profession gracefully, we do agree on one point: We wouldn't mind living in Whitefish, either!

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