Dog shaming always seemed so cruel for innocuous things like chewing on shoes, but as Seth Meyers' showed last night, some dogs deserve to be shamed to the extreme.

Last night on Late Night with Seth Meyers, the host featured a segment on Extreme Dog Shaming. Now we've all seen those images popping up on social media where an owner takes a picture of a very sad pup with a sign in front of it, usually declaring why this dog is being shamed. For the most part, the internet has a good time with the bit, even though the dogs being shamed only rifled through the trash, or ate their own poop, threw it up, and ate it again. You know, normal dog things.

While the average dog shaming is a bit of harmless fun, the dogs on Extreme Dog Shaming certainly earned their spots on the segment. These canines aren't content to just swallow car keys; they need to check their cell phones while walking with an open umbrella, or be close talkers on airplanes. Ugh. The. Worst.

Though just about every late night host in the business is having a good time at President 45's expense, Stephen Colbert arguably revels in the current administration's miserable attempts at democracy the most. The Late Show host's monologue last night wasted no time digging into 45's current international travels, including ripping the White House for putting out a press release that declared this trip was hoping to promote "lasting peach" in the Middle East.

Lasting. Peach. Sigh. Take it away, Stephen.

It's been a while since anyone's seen Jim Carrey out and about, but that doesn't mean the currently reclusive comedian hasn't been busy. Carrey stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to chat about his new Showtime project I'm Dying Up Here, which is a fictionalized history of the Los Angeles comedy scene in 1970s. As one of the up and coming stand-up comedians who was there when the likes of Richard Pryor and Robin Williams were in their rowdy primes, Carrey has a lot of experience with that period. He also has some great stories about being in the presence of greatness like Pryor after hours.

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