Over the weekend I hit up the Griz football scrimmage with a couple thousand Griz fans and I felt that familiar excitement that comes with knowing football season is right around the corner.

All eyes were on Coach Hauck, being that the scrimmage was everyone's "first look" at the progress he's made since he's been back. Coach Hauck, his coaching staff and our Griz did NOT disappoint!

But to me, what overshadowed the actual scrimmage was what came at the very end. After the football playing was done, all Griz fans were invited to randevu on the field. Two Griz players started throwing balls to what started as a couple of kids, but later grew into a line of about 20.

Seeing the excitement in the kids eyes when they caught a pass from one of the players, and the determination on their little faces when they threw the ball back, was almost too much for me to handle! I don't even have kids and my heart felt like it could burst due to cuteness overload.

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