We saw Rocky Horror Live at The Wilma on Friday night, the midnight show, and it was absolutely phenomenal! The show is sold out annually and now we know why! Why have we not experienced this before!? Absolute insanity. Anyway, the actors were over the top impressive, honestly, not just saying that, they blew us away. But one actor had every person in the audience breathless with each appearance, the guy in the gold shorts, who played Rocky.

I could overhear women asking each other, "where does a man like THAT come from," men were clutching their pearls and gasping "oh my," and the rest us of had our eyebrows lifted all the way to our hairlines. "Rocky Goldshorts," as he's known about town, is a local actor named Tyler Iverson. He's a student at the U of M and one of their very talented cheerleaders. Did I stalk him to find all of this out? No. Did every woman I know who was at Saturday's Griz game send me a shot of Rocky Goldshorts cheerleading? Yes.

So yes, that was the same guy who scampered about the stage wearing next to nothing until 2 a.m. who promptly got out of bed just hours later to excite the crowd at a very chilly Griz game.

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