If you did any travelling over the holidays, there is a chance that you witnessed a "emotional support animal" in the terminal. Whether it be a dog, or a cat or in some cases a pig or a squirrel. Some people feel that they mentally cannot handle the stress of travelling, without the comfort of the animal to calm them.

Delta and other airlines have been "tightening the leash" on certain support animals over the last few months. Restricting puppies and kittens, and even ALL emotional support critters on long haul flights.

But, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen has recently developed a new kind of emotional support animal. But this critter comforts people in a different way. Think of it more as "comfort food." In Philledelphia, Popeyes Chicken was offering a friend chicken meal, perfect for airline passengers. The "Emotional Support Chicken." Consisting of chicken tenders, fries and a biscuit. All wrapped up in a "Emotional Support Chicken" box. Making it easy for travelers to take from terminal to terminal.

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