How do you make a musical out of Romeo and Juliet? By adapting pop songs to fit the mood and casting Emily Blunt as Juliet, of course.

This week, The Late Late Show aired from London rather than the States. Host James Corden brought out all the stops to make his European detour all the more memorable. In a schedule already jam-packed with big names, Thursday night's (June 8) show starred the new Mary Poppins herself, Blunt, in a special musical number paying homage to William Shakespeare's iconic romance.

We already know about Blunt's musical chops, but the whirlwind production only served to show just how much of a boss she really is when it comes to showtime.

One of the few actors to hit the Grand Slam of Law and Order guest spots, Zoe Lister-Jones chatted up Seth Meyers about the time she was a junkie corpse on "The Mothership" (the cast/crew name for the original Law and Order). Instead of getting her makeup removed at the end of the shoot, Lister-Jones merely rode her bike home it was New York after all only to be catcalled by some very, very lonely gentlemen at 2 a.m.

Director Patty Jenkins stopped by Conan to chat about Wonder Woman and the success the film has had at the box office. As Conan O'Brien pondered if Wonder Woman came at just the right time, we and Jenkins couldn't help but agree.

Now that school is out and the summer is about to begin in earnest, Jimmy Fallon asked his Twitter-using viewers to share some of their worst summer jobs. And we've been there: We've all had that one job for three months that we couldn't wait to end, but also desperately needed so we had some spending cash for nights out. Thankfully, we'd wager most of them weren't as tedious or bad as the choice picks Fallon shared.

John Mulaney is a funny man, and not just when he's performing stand-up or in his Broadway show. The actor stopped by The Late Show to chat with Stephen Colbert about his new album, where he shared a brief anecdote about the time he spooked Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala. (You gotta be careful with those Kardashian girls, they're like demure forest animals right out of a Disney movie. They startle easy!)

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