GOOD TIPS: Greg T was at a restaurant the other day and the waiter commented on his wife’s beautiful engagement ring! She made Greg T tip better because of the nice compliment. What other things do waiters and waitresses do for bigger tips?

AS SEEN ON TV: Greg T has a friend who wanted to start juicing, so he bought the juicer he saw on TV. It doesn’t work… it’s a piece of crap. What “MADE FOR TV” product did you buy? Does it work?

FART TIME: Greg T farted yesterday and had to wait 8 mins before bringing the car to the valet. He thought that would be a sufficient amount of time for the fart to pass. What do you think… was it cleared out by then?

POLICE REWARD: Greg T always sees news stories where they offer a reward for information, but does anyone ever ACTUALLY get that reward?!??!

CUT IT OFF: Just this morning Greg T was using scissors and almost cut his finger off! He missed, but some people actually cut themselves. How did you almost cut your finger off?

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