Now this is gonna be a cool show, and the newly-renovated ZACC is a great place to have it. The Missoula Beats club is hosting an evening with five live electronic producers creating music right before your eyes.

I've always loved watching that kind of thing - somebody set up with a mixing board and just essentially creating something out of nothing. For anybody who's into that, this is the event for you. Here's the info from their Facebook event page:

The Missoula Beats Club (formerly 'Cool Beats Club') will be hosting an interactive evening of electronic music production on January 3rd, First Friday. Featuring five live production sets - the producers will be making the music right before our eyes using a wide assortment of inexpensive gadgets and expensive gizmos.

Guests will be allowed on stage, encouraged to stand near the producers and watch from all angles as they fill the room with melodic sounds and drums (similar to the popular Boiler Room events).

The Lineup:

Charlie Apple (Live multi-instrument set with holographic projections)

Kris Moon (Live Modular Set)

Bryan Curt Kostors (Live Modular Set)

Fish Bwoi (Beat Set)

Golden Buddha (Beat Set)

Please feel free to message us with any questions.

$7 Donation to go toward the enhancement of local art!

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