Remember all the hype when the new AC Hotel opened in downtown Missoula, and so much of the talk surrounded their rooftop bar which was going to be open to the public? The hotel opened earlier this year... but the rooftop bar wasn't ready yet. It was a bummer, but hopefully we'll be able to see it in its full glory in 2022.

Which may actually be just enough time for plans to get underway for a competing rooftop bar right nearby! The downtown Holiday Inn has announced its intentions to expand in a pretty major way, and a rooftop bar is one of the highlights of their plans.

Basically, the Holiday Inn is going to be adding a luxury, 4-story condo that will allow for 28 additional rooms above the hotel overlooking the Clark Fork River. They're also planning a new parking garage and a new restaurant in the hotel to go along with it, as well as the already-mentioned rooftop bar.

And great news for locals - even if you're not staying at the hotel, both the restaurant and the rooftop bar will be open to the public, so anyone can check them out.

Are rooftop bars going to be Missoula's new craze? We've got the AC Hotel and now the Holiday Inn - who will be the next to build a really tall building and stick a bar on top of it? Will it be me? No, probably not - I don't have $21 million to spend on such a project, which is what this Holiday Inn expansion is going to cost. Best I can do is stick a couple of lawn chairs on my roof and charge people to sit there and drink.

Mike's Roof N' Stuff - Opening in Summer 2027! If you fall off, you're on your own!

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