We're only in early February 2021, but MIssoula has already lost a couple of its favorite businesses this year. It wasn't long ago that we found out the Flying Squirrel Missoula was shutting down for good, and now we've got word that Red Rooster, located in downtown Missoula, is closing down after 27 years in business.

The owners made the announcement of their closure in an Instagram post:

So it looks like they'll still be open for the next few weeks, going through the entire month of February. And in that time, everything in the store will be 20 percent off (and clearance items will be 60 percent off).

That's definitely a sale worth taking advantage of, even if it is a bummer that Red Rooster is closing down. There have been a few changes to the downtown Missoula landscape over the past few weeks, including the new location for Clyde Coffee, which should hopefully open sometime in the early spring.

So the question now remains: what's going to take the place of Red Rooster in Missoula? Will it be another local business, a new kind of retail shop? Only time will tell.

Have you got any ideas about what you'd like to see take the place of Red Rooster? Have any thoughts about the business closing down for good? Let us know what you think about the situation by messaging us through our free mobile app!

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