Okay boys listen up! There's a time and a place to ask a girl out or "make a move" on them. Over the past couple of years I've heard and experienced some of the most bizarre "tactics."

Now I know it is so hard to work up the courage to ask out a girl or simply go up and talk to them. Especially when they are surrounded by friends. So I put together a quick list of Do's and Don'ts for asking out the girl you like.

Do: When a girl is surrounded by friends in a bar, go up and offer to buy them ALL a drink. This exudes confidence and breaks the ice a little when you return with drinks. If the girl of your fancy blows you off when you get back, move on! She's not worth your time anyways!

Don't: If a girl says no to a drink, don't be offended. There could be many reasons why she refused one. She could be a DD. She could have a boyfriend already. She could be a lesbian. Or she could simply not be into you. And that's totally okay!!! She's not a B word for refusing you! If anything, she's being upfront and honest instead of stringing you along!

Do: COMPLIMENT HER! Don't be a jerk and use a corny line that makes it super obvious that you're just trying to get into her pants. She's probably way smarter than you and can see right through it! So stand up straight, make eye contact and truly mean what you say. For example, "you look beautiful tonight," and "I really like the color of your dress/ top etc., it brings out the color of your eyes!" Less is always more!

Don't: Be a horn dog! Ew!

Don't: Be too drunk! Sloppy drunks are such a turn-off!

Do: If you see the girl you like, or her friend ,crying, ask her/them if there is anything you can do to help! She'll most likely respond with a no, so reply "will you be okay?" To this, she'll probably say yes, but you'll  get MAJOR brownie points for caring! Play the long game dude!!!

Don't: Ask a girl out when she's crying or after you comfort her! It's called timing my friend! She's vulnerable and you don't want to be seen as an opportunist if you're want to actually have a relationship with her! Wait it out! But if you're not sure you'll see her again and you've done your best to comfort her AND you get a good "vibe," it's okay to ask for her number. Use your best judgement!


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