It's important to always be on the lookout if something seems fishy, but sometimes people get caught up in something and don't realize until it's too late that they accidentally gave their personal info away to someone out to scam them from a distance.

And since millions of Americans are receiving stimulus checks from the government for COVID-19 relief, it's a perfect time for a scammer to swoop in and take the money out from under you. Montana Right Now writes about some of the things you need to remember - basically, that your money will come in whatever way you're set up through the IRS, either through direct deposit or through the mail.

So if you receive a call from someone saying that you qualify for a government grant but you need to give them your info, or that you can get your money faster if you pay a processing fee, JUST HANG UP. Some people are even getting fake checks in the mail that require you to verify your information online.

Remember - it won't be that complicated. You shouldn't have to give out any personal info to get your money.

How to Get Your Stimulus Check Quickly and How Much You Will Get

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