Back when I lived in New York, Dogfish Head was one of my favorite breweries, and the 60 and 90-Minute IPAs are among the best beers you'll find anywhere. When I moved to Montana, my beer-drinking had to make some drastic changes - a lot of my beloved East Coast breweries weren't available around here, so I had to explore and find some new favorites around town.

But, I'm very excited to see that Dogfish Head has been able to expand its reach, and it's now available on tap at several different locations around town. This actually marks a return for Dogfish Head - it used to be available years ago, not through the brewery but through distributors in Portland and Seattle. The state forced places around town to go through specific licensing to get it, so that died out and Dogfish disappeared from the area.

But now, it's back! A growing number of locations around town have got several of their beers on draft, and they're expected to hit store shelves in town in January or February. As a beer enthusiast, this is pretty exciting news. Here's a list of everywhere around town currently serving Dogfish Head:

  • Al's & Vic's Bar
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • The Depot
  • Paradise Falls
  • The Press Box
  • The Rhino
  • Rumour Restaurant
  • The Silver Slipper
  • Stone of Accord
  • The Dram Shop (Central and downtown)
  • Thomas Meagher Bar
  • Worden's Market & Deli (kegs)

Will you be getting some Dogfish next time you're out in Missoula?

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