Right out of the gates I'm just going to say that yes, yes I am a spokesperson for those No Diet commercials you hear constantly on the radio. So I guess you can take this article for what it's worth..

With that said, I must also mention that as a DJ in the Missoula market for over 9 years it's also my duty to be trustworthy and reliable each and every time I turn on my microphone. So when people ask me (and believe me, I get asked every day), "yo, Aaron, does that No Diet stuff really work?" I really should be as honest as possible.  So here goes, without getting paid a single penny for what I'm about to write, this is my brutally honest review of the No Diet plan..

First, for those that don't know what I'm talking about, No Diet is an advertiser on my station that promises that you will lose weight "without diet or exercise".  According to the website, during the first 45 minutes of sleep your body is searching for protein to help it burn fat. Simply take 1 tbs. of Liquid Protein before bed. You are then giving the body the protein it is searching for and "tapping into the natural way your body burns fat with protein'.

Makes sense. But does it work?

Well, here's my experience: I always take the tablespoon before I go to bed. The first thing I noticed was that I fell asleep faster than ever before and I never felt better once I woke up. It's like the perfect nights sleep in a bottle. Even that alone is worth the price, if you ask me. But another thing I noticed was my need for a fourth meal. With my crazy DJ schedule and working until 3am each morning the temptation of Reserve street fast food drive thru's were enough to drive me crazy, but now I cruise right on by. Essentially, my late night cravings came to a stand still. I just didn't feel the need to load up on greasy food in the wee hours of the morning and was yearning more for the restful night of sleep.

I've must also mention that I've been on a real health kick for the past 6 weeks and No Diet seemed to be where it all started for me. Once I was told that I'd be the voice for this new diet product, I first thought to myself "oh, boy. Now I REALLY need to start losing weight because the pressure is on!" It wouldn't look all too convincing if I was blabbing on and on about a new diet on the radio and then people saw me in public with little to no change. So I began to follow the rules of the diet, but I also ramped up my efforts with really watching what I ate and also added a few days of exercise.

But wait, I know what you are thinking.."Aaron, the ad said you don't have to diet or exercise!"

Yeah, I know, it does. But what you need to realize about my personal challenges is that I've have gone through my entire young life struggling with weight loss and have constantly started and stopped diet and exercise plans for years. But this time, I added the extra layer of No Diet along with watching my calories and instead of driving, walking to work each day and this time I've noticed that the weight is coming off faster than just dieting and exercising alone. It's kind of like icing on the cake, if you will. Sure, Hydroxicut, or other speedy drugs could do essentially the same thing by curbing your appetite, but have you seen what's in those pills? I'm scared to death of those speedy-like supplements, the ones that make your heart go a million miles an hour. No Diet promises that it's safe, and after taking it for the past few months, I've noticed absolutely nothing when it came to side effects. It really is proving to be the safest diet supplement on the market.

I've also been catching up with other listeners who've followed the plan without changing their diets or daily routine, and they too are reporting a healthy amount of weight loss, as well as the most restful nights of sleep they've ever had. Granted, I could be the skeptical one and say that my weight loss has been attributed strictly to my new exercise regimen, but now that I hear reports of other listener's success without stepping into a gym and the fact that I'm losing more weight by combining workouts with No Diet, it's pretty clear that this new product is helping those who exercise and those who do not.

What about my results?

After taking No Diet for the past 6 weeks, I've shaved off a total of 19 pounds, practically the size of my two year old daughter! My clothes are fitting better, my wife is noticing a change in both my mood and my looks, and my energy and concentration are improving. I'm honestly pretty proud of how this new product is changing my lifestyle along with my audience.


Wow. I just read everything I wrote, and it really does sound like one of those commercials on the radio. Grrr.. But again, I must stress that I'm not getting paid to write this review. Going into it I was hoping that I'd come across as real and trustworthy, but the fact is that everything I'm sharing with you is true and the stuff does work. So there you have it. No Diet is one of the better products I've ever tried for weight loss. And believe me, I've tried them all.

Now here's the part where I REALLY start to sound like one of those ads:

Order No Diet now at this link, and make sure to tell them Aaron sent you for the wholesale price, free shipping and a chance to win one month for free.

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