When I moved to Missoula from New York, a lot of people from back home told me that winters in Montana were pretty rough. Cut to a few months later, and New York is buried in snow and below-freezing temperatures while Montana has been pretty mild! I'd call that it a win, but I guess it isn't always the case - according to a new list by Thrillist, Montana usually has one of the most miserable winters in the entire country.

Thrillist ranked all 50 states, with the least miserable winter at the bottom and the most miserable at the top. Montana ended up making the top ten - we can now be proud to claim the 9th most miserable winter in the country! Not exactly what we were hoping for, but an achievement nonetheless!

Of course, this year things have turned around and we've had it pretty good compared to the Polar Vortex currently plaguing practically everywhere else. The number one most miserable winter, by the way, goes to Minnesota. Anybody in Minnesota may want to make a trip to number 50 on the list, which is, of course, Hawaii.

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