Well, this is definitely not a particularly magical experience for the most magical place on Earth.

According to a Reddit post in the r/WaltDisneyWorld sub, a bus driver didn't stop and hit a Disney World cast member at a crossing.

"While we were going back from [Animal Kingdom] the bus driver didn't stop and hit a [cast member] crossing. My family and I are pretty much in shock about the whole thing and we're hoping that [cast member] is okay/Disney does something about what happened," the post reads.

The guest shared, "It was coming up near a stop sign like maybe 10mph? We felt the hard stop and heard what was going on."

Another person replied and encouraged the guest to get in touch with their hotel and investigators with their firsthand account.

"We will, there were other [cast members] nearby and people nearby were running to see what was going on. It was scary," the guest wrote back.

"I tried to look this up but couldn't find anything. Weird," a Reddit user wrote in reply to the ordeal.

Their comment prompted another person to note that "if it happened" Disney would definitely not want the news getting out.

This notion was seemingly confirmed by the original poster, who continued, "For anyone wondering why I posted this, my family hasn't heard anything from Disney about the incident whether the [cast member] is okay or what the next steps were going to be. I really value them and for this to have happened is not okay. I'm also trying to see if I can found out who they were to try and help them out."

The incident has not been officially confirmed by Disney, and according to Inside the Magic, "Disney bus drivers are expertly-trained to keep both Guests on board and pedestrians safe while traveling to the Disney Parks and back to their Disney Resorts."

While the reactions to the post were sympathetic, many didn't seem that surprised by the alleged incident.

One Reddit user said, "I noticed the driver from the white bus (not Disney) didn’t stop fully. Not just once but every single opportunity. That was during my stay at Jambo late June."

"I mean, even rolling stop if you're hit BY A BUS is going to hurt," another pointed out.

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