Beaverhead County High School (BCHS) students in Dillon, Montana created a video for a teacher that is suffering from three types of cancer.

To honor Steve Vezina, a man that has clearly touched so many people's lives, the ENTIRE school created a perfectly executed choreographed music video so emotionally charged that it will make even the toughest person shed a tear.

This production has the makings of what could be the most amazing video I've ever seen from students in Montana. And believe me, I've seen many in my years of covering local stories. Yes...even I cried watching this. It's THAT powerful.

This video NEEDS to be seen and shared...

According to the gofundme page:

Steve Vezina has recently been diagnosed with prostate, colon and liver cancer. He began his treatment recently in Salt Lake City, Utah. Steve has made a huge impact on the lives of his family, friends, students, athletes and colleagues! Here is one way that we can show him and his family our support and appreciation. If you choose to donate, all proceeds will go to the Vezina family. Let's get the word out; share this website with all your friends. It's Game Day...No Surrender for Vez!

This incredible outpouring of support proves just how big Montana hearts can get. It also shows how the next generation of adults are just as compassionate as the ones before them. I am honestly an emotional wreck after seeing this (update: I watched it again...and cried even harder. Whoo boy...)

From Batkid in San Diego, to a teacher/coach in Montana and every other kind gesture in between, we need MORE of this in our lives. Please, keep it up.


Help this local community and their beloved coach by visiting the Vezina fundraiser page.

Photo courtesy of Megan Conrow via. gofundme
Photo courtesy of Megan Conrow via. gofundme

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