Okay here's a question for ya, have you ever received one of those SUPER annoying phone calls from a telemarketer saying that you're the lucky winner of a free cruise? If the answer is yes, you could be entitled to $300 for each call you received with a max amount of $900 per phone line! Cha-Chingggg!

Currently there is a class action lawsuit going on, all thanks to a guy named Philip Charvat. Philip filed the lawsuit against Resort Marketing Group, Inc, claiming that the company violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act when they made automated phone calls to consumers on their cell phones and land lines to offer a free cruise with Carnival Corporation, Royal Caribbean Cruises etc. To see the Top Class Actions, click HERE!

Here's how you can check to see if you ever received one of these phone calls:

  • Click HERE - This link will take you to the class action lawsuit page where you'll be asked to enter your phone number and answer a few questions. (This literally takes like 2 seconds)
  • If your number is in fact on there, you will then be prompted to fill out a claim form that needs to be submitted by November 3rd, 2017.

I checked my phone number and unfortunately it didn't make the cut but I also checked my grandparents number for them and theirs did! The questions take like 2 seconds to answer and if you're on there, that's automatically $300-$900 extra in your bank account!

See for yourself and SHARE with all of your friends and family!!!

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