Oh Saint Patrick's Day, how I love thee. I'm mostly Irish according to my 23andMe and although I know certain Irish people living in Ireland scoff at the audacity of an American celebrating their heritage, I choose to celebrate my Irish roots. That's something I have in common with many Montanans, and I'm glad we can have so much fun with it.

Though to be honest, if the proper way to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day was to drink tea and eat crumpets, I don't think I'd go as all out on the holiday as I do with our current customs. Maybe in part due to our genetic backgrounds, Montanans like to drink, especially each March 17th. The problem comes on the 18th, with the dreaded hangovers.

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Though I've been told it's an Irish custom to be hungover and go to work anyway, I still think Montanans wouldn't mind having that particular day off. Here's why March 18th (or the Monday following the 17th) should be a holiday in Montana:

For Fun

If I have to work the next day I don't drink as much, and although that might sound like a good thing, it's actually frustrating on Saint Patty's. On those nights I have to choose between a ruined tomorrow or a tonight filled with FOMO.

For ancestors

How am I supposed to honor all the Irishwomen and Irishmen who came before me without 2 or 10 Guinesses and Jameson's'? Don't deny me my sacred rites.

We need more holidays regardless of the reason

Based off absolutely no research or evidence, I think Montana would benefit from having one more day off each month, besides the holiday-hog December. If we do that, March's day off might as well be the 18th.


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