Thanks to our great listeners we are getting a handle on when kids have gone back to school. Some start soon and some have already started! Dates really do vary on starts for school.

What I have gathered is Hamilton and Darby have started south of us. Missoula Public Schools are gearing up next week to start.

From one listener : Hellgate Elementary starts August 30th. MCPS schools start August 28th. I think Valley Christian started today.

Seeley Lake Elementary Starts Sept 5th and High School starts on the 28th from the looks of things, although they are dealing with the fire as well and some evacuation orders so I am not sure if that will effect the start.

Corvallis starts September 5th, and the same for Victor.

St. Joseph School and Loyola High School started August 23
AS you see below lots of comments on start dates.

Another lady Crystal said "Frenchtown started yesterday except kindergarten kids start next Tuesday".

I'm sure I am forgetting someone, if so let us know.




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