Missoula is lucky to be home to a vibrant and thriving arts scene - there's so much culture in this city, and so many different, talented artists that are constantly producing work. And the Dana Gallery in town has been a staple of that scene for 25 years now, so of course they have to mark the occasion.

That's why they'll be holding an open house on Saturday, September 26th to celebrate their 25th anniversary in Missoula. It'll be happening from 12 PM to 3 PM and will feature work that showcases the timeline of the Dana Gallery's existence in Missoula, including new projects from longtime artists like Robert Moore, Caleb Meyer, Janet Sullivan, Davi Nelson, David Mensing, R. David Wilson - but they'll also be showing work they've collected and have been at the museum for the past 25 years, too.

It sounds like a really great trip down memory lane for those who want to look back, but it's also doing something new and embracing the future, which I love to see. Details on the event are available at their Facebook event page.

The Dana Gallery is located on North Higgins, and if you want to check out more about them, you can visit their website to see details on other upcoming events and exhibits they've got going on.

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