The next-era Spice might be upon us: Simon Cowell is ready to sign Victoria Beckham's 11-year-old son, Cruz, to his Syco record label.

Cowell told The Sun he's got a fondness for The Children Beckham. And, pair Cruz's love of singing (his Instagram rendition of "Cups" is already a hit) with a pop-star mother's legacy and the industry's next king might, indeed, be ready to assume the throne.

"Get him in and we’ll sign him," Cowell said, and gushed about the Beckham kids, whom he fondly recalls getting to know.

“I met them when they were younger and I have to say they are really incredible. They could have been really spoiled but they weren’t – they were really funny," he said. "I know the Beckhams get criticized for being in the public eye but if you’re in the public eye your kids are going to be too."

Earlier this month, Posh Spice, herself, told Late Night's Seth Meyers her kids have really taken to art in many forms, and might take their operation on the road.

“I mean we are like a traveling circus, our family,” she said. “We sing. We dance. We do football. We do fashion."

Would you be surprised if Cruz landed a record deal with SImon? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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