Just imagine you are sitting down for a nice relaxing evening, after a long day. You have your glass of wine or cup of tea, and you just start to unwind. When all of a sudden the hard-rocking sounds of American rock band, Creed, begin blaring around you. A sound that we believe has been used to persuade terrorists to surrender in hostage situations. Yet, it is a noise that you secretly like, but DO NOT want your friends to know you enjoy. Just as you catch yourself beginning to sing along to the smooth sounds of Creed, you witness a gang of other Creed fans making their way towards you. But, not your average Creed fans. These fans are deer.

Who knew deer are fans of Creed?

This past weekend, Whitefish Mountain hosted its Presidents Day Weekend celebration. Including the longstanding tradition of the Torchlight Parade. A parade that consists of volunteer skiers and snowboarders, night skiing down Whitefish Mountain with flaming torches. It is a spectacle that draws hundreds of people from all over the country. Not to mention the fireworks show following the parade.

This past weekend, the parade featured some unexpected guests. Shortly after the trail of torches began to emerge on the mountain, people in the viewing area on the bottom of the run witnessed something people described as "magical." As Creed's hit song "With arms wide open" began playing, a small herd of deer dashed out in front of the spectators. In the video below you can hear the reaction from spectators. People even asked if the deer were intentionally supposed to be part of the show. Almost like promoters planned for them to be released, like a bunch of white doves at a wedding.

Thanks to Nick Ferrington at Whitefish Mountain for sharing the video.

Now, that I think about it. Maybe the deer were NOT fans of Creed. maybe they were desperately trying to get away from the music, causing them to run towards the flaming torches. Regardless, it was a pretty magical moment of Whitefish Mountain.

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