The deer family is a rather large group of critters. First you have, deer of course. They break down into subgroups like whitetail, blacktail, sitka, and mule deer. Then you have larger members of the deer family. Caribou seem to be the next in size, with an average weight of roughly 300 pounds. Then you have elk, which average roughly 700 pounds. And finally there is the largest member of the deer family, moose. A bull moose can weigh as much as 1,500 pounds. Regardless of size, they are all relatively in the same species of animal. Much like dogs, these "deer" can breed and create hybrid deer.

Professional outdoorsman, Cameron Hanes, recently harvested what is believed to be a hybrid of both a caribou and an elk. According to the post from Non-typical Nation on Facebook.

With DNA testing finally complete, and approved confirmation from a special Alaskan Wildlife Research Team, we are super excited to announce the first ever Caribou/Elk crossbreed harvested by none other than our good buddy Cameron Hanes last October while hunting mountain caribou in Alaska. 

The hybrid shows both caribou and elk characteristics in both it's size, color and especially antlers. Caribou antlers are known to have small main beams that extend into "paddles." While elk are know for having heavy main beams that extend into dagger-like points. This new hybrid appears to share a little of both characteristics.

According to Non Typical Nation

As a first of its kind, Alaskan authorities are allowing Cameron Hanes to name this newly discovered species.

No word on what Cameron has decided for the name of the new species.

Cameron Hanes/ Non Typical Nation Facebook
Cameron Hanes/ Non Typical Nation Facebook

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