We live in one of the most beautiful places on earth for a reason. It's because we have a deep love and respect for the natural world around us and we know that we have to take care of it.

So for the entire month of February, ya might want to consider partaking in the Clear The Air Challenge brought to you by our friends at Missoula In Motion!

Check the details:

Join the movement this February to reduce the amount of CO2 polluting our air!

REGISTER FOR THE CHALLENGE: https://www.missoulainmotion.com/cleartheair

Missoula In Motion's Clear the Air Challenge offers a little extra motivation to choose to bus, walk, bike, carpool and vanpool as much as possible during the time of year when it's the hardest to do, but matters the most.

THE CHALLENGE: Individuals compete by logging sustainable commutes and errands with Way to Go! Missoula to see whose transportation choices can divert the MOST CO2 from entering our air. There will be plenty of opportunities to earn PRIZES!

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