There's a vibe to the holiday season that the whole country can feel. The red and green lights, the tinsel, the carols, the peppermint candies— we even have special words for this time of year, which makes me both jolly and merry. All of our traditions come together together to create this experience we share together as a nation. But there's another layer of the holidays that we have on a local level, which is particularly beautiful in this city. Here's what the holiday season means from a Missoulian's perspective:

The Aesthetic

Missoula is like a town from a Christmas Hallmark movie. Snowy, beautiful lights and sweetheart people. A Missoulian might also take a trip to Philipsburg, which is like a Christmas time capsule.

KYSSMAS for Kids

The annual auction to raise money for local kids in need. This year we broke our previous record of $47,000, for a total of just over $51,000.


Missoula might be the only city where tubas are associated with the holidays, due to our annual tuba Christmas concert.

Shopping Local

Supporting local businesses makes gift more heartwarming for me. This year was the 15th annual Missoula Holiday MADE Fair, which featured over 200 local artists and nonprofits. For more on this subject, here's an article about what it's like last-minute shopping in Missoula.


I hear the weather's been particularly great for snow sports this year. While the potential storm on the way could be a hassle, at least it means fresh powder for the Missoulians who hit the slopes.

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