Working out used to be a way I punished my body, a means to an end, a way to try and get the body I wanted, a way to attempt to turn my body into someone else's (um, just a heads up, not happening), a way to earn my food, a way to work off food that wasn't earned.
After months and months and months of busting my ass, finally realizing that my body was not going to transform itself into that of a 2D fitness model, I kind of thought, "Well, now what?" Slowly I started to appreciate getting stronger and working out just felt good, I actually started appreciating what my body could do instead of hating it for what it could never be (genetics, hello).

When it comes to working out, if you don't or even if you do, do you find yourself saying, "What's the f-ing point? I'm never going to look like that."

The point for me is this: Exercise has become my song of gratitude. It is a way that I can celebrate, "Woo! I woke up, I'm alive and healthy and I can move! Moving is the best!" It is a way that I am able to express how thankful I am for another day.


Happy Weekend, Ya'll!!
~Rachel Plumage NASM CPT

T Rachel

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