First off, we need to acknowledge how good the name of this food drive is. CANdemonium! Like "pandemonium," but with the word "can" to signal that they're looking for canned goods! Whoever came up with that one probably went home early that day - they knew they weren't going to get any better than that.

If you're not familiar with CANdemonium, it's an annual event that benefits the Missoula Food Bank. But this isn't your typical fundraiser. Every year at the Southgate Mall, local architects and engineers come together to create different structures made entirely out of food and put them on display. This year, the structures are space-themed.

You can check out one of the structures, called UFOod, in the Facebook post that the Missoula Food Bank published a few days ago.

According to NBC Montana, all of the structures are now officially up, with 12 available for viewing at the Southgate Mall. The structures will stay up in the mall until one week from today, on Friday, April 15th.

This is such a cool, unique way to help raise money for the Missoula Food Bank - so make sure if you're going to check out these space-age structures to bring a food or cash donation with you. That way, you're helping out people in need AND you're ensuring that CANdemonium will continue for another year.

What will next year's theme be? 2023 will be the 30th anniversary of Jurassic Park - let's do some dinosaur can structures! Imagine a giant T. Rex made of cans standing tall in the Southgate Mall. That's the world I want to live in.

Far Out! See the Sculptures from CANdemonium at Southgate Mall 2022

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