I just moved to Montana a few months ago, so I'm always on the lookout for cool-sounding places I haven't been to yet. This'll be a bit of a drive from Missoula, but it sounds promising: Thrillist has named Cafe Madiz in West Yellowstone the best small-town restaurant in Montana.

The article highlights the "insanely delicious Spanish tapas and rich paella" and notes that it really stands out due to its unexpected menu. Here's what they had to say:

"When one thinks of dining in and around Yellowstone, thoughts tend to veer closer to 'bag of GORP and some hot dogs roasted on a fire' than 'insanely delicious Spanish tapas and rich paella.' And yet the latter is exactly what's on offer at Café Madiz, which would hold its own in big cities, but really stands out in ranch land thanks to its huge menu of unexpected fare, from meat & cheese boards to stewed calamari, and chorizo served in a traditional Galician pig-shaped cazuela choricera. In all likelihood, you're in West Yellowstone en route to or on the way out of Yellowstone. So whether it's your last meal before hitting the wilds or your first since subsisting on burned hot dogs, you might as well treat yourself to something completely unforgettable: a culinary tour of Spain under the Big Sky. Keep in mind, this places is seasonal. If you emerge from a snowshoe trip, you'll have to get your paella fix elsewhere... good luck with that!"

Have you been to Cafe Madiz? Is it worth the nearly-five-hour drive from Missoula for some Spanish tapas?

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