The pandemic sure did a good job canceling all the the things we love to do. For some, it was going to football games. For others, it was attending concerts. And for everyone, it was not being able to enjoy time with friends and family. For Butte, that means that COVID did a fine job trying to take away all the things that brings the community of Butte and surrounding areas together. But, we already know that Butte is about as resilient as a town can get. And no pesky virus is going to bring Butte to it's knees. That is why a new promoter is looking to kick off summer of 2021 with a new festival in Butte.

According to KXLF

The two-day festival called Brawls and Kickstart Days is set for the end of July. The venue, a 12-acre field next to the Depot bar will include a freestyle motorcycle stunt show featuring local daredevil Levi Renz, a bare-knuckle boxing match, live music and vendors.

This new festival just screams "BUTTE AMERICA!" Just think about it. A town that is known world wide for it's dare devil spirit. Hosting a freestyle motocross stunt show coupled with bare-knuckle boxing. Shut up and take my money please! Not to mention the event is all tied together with live music and food. This sound like it may be one destination on our list of post-pandemic road trips.

There are still some hang ups that can happen between now and then. The health department is closely monitoring the COVID 19 developments in Butte, and has yet to fully approve the event. But, if all things go as they are planned, the Brawls and Kickstart Days are scheduled for July 30 and 31st.

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