It seems all of Montana has been abuzz the last few days because the Kardashians were involved in a wreck over the weekend in Bozeman. It wasn't actually a wreck, but more of a simple case of black ice. Even though no one was hurt, it has still been considered news around the country. What bugs me, is that people think that anything these "no talent clowns" do is considered news. What really is news? Hearing of an average person stand up to these celebrities. Jason Matthews of Bozeman did just that, and may actually have benefited more from it.

Matthews is the owner of Yellowstone Dog Sled Adventures in Bozeman. According to Last Best News, he was contacted by a coordinator from the Kardashian's reality TV show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, who wanted to take the family on a sled tour of Big Sky with a film crew. Matthews was all for it until he found out the coordinator wanted him to do all this on "trade" (offering his services for free in order to get exposure for his business--keeping in mind that the proposed trip would have cost almost $4,000 and required five sleds, five guides, and about fifty sled dogs)

HA! The producer actually thought that the "exposure" Jason would receive from their popular TV show, would benefit the dog sled guide. Are you kidding me?

After giving an ultimatum to either pay him for his services or move on, Jason explained "Look, my dogs don’t eat trade."

Plans to book his sled teams for the Kardashian's trip were "abruptly canceled," but Matthews isn't feeling bad at all about losing the business. In fact, he believes it will ultimately be better for his business not to be associated with the reality TV clan.

What do you think? Did Jason Matthews avoid a major headache, or should he have gone through with the deal?

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