In case you haven't heard, according to an FWP expert the "hip strip bear" is back in Missoula, and he was even spotted at the University of Montana. I've decided to name him "Barry." Aren't I creative? Anyway, here's what we suspect Barry was up to on his lil campus visit.

Getting Enrolled

Oh, you don't think a bear would make a good student? Check your prejudice. Clearly, Barry wants to attend classes this fall, and as a University of Montana alumni, I welcome him with open arms. If I could manage to graduate, anyone can— even bears.

Checking out Washington-Grizzly Stadium

No doubt Barry thinks it should be renamed the "Washington-Black Bear Stadium," but I'm sure he loves Monty as much as the rest of us. If we're lucky, Barry will try out for the football team. Those rotten bobcats won't stand a chance

Inspecting the Dorms

If Barry attends the University, he'll need a place to stay. Luckily, all of the dorms are fancier than what Barry is used to. But if roommates start to annoy him, a sturdy tree is a great place for a bear to study.

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Shopping at the Student Store

Just because he's got fur doesn't mean he isn't interested in stylish Griz merch. I bet Barry would look way cute wearing maroon.

Raiding the Food Zoo

Why would they call it the "Food Zoo" if animals weren't welcome? Barry knows how important good nutrition is to an education, so don't be surprised if he spends most of his time snacking. Go Griz!

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