While we're still hearing news about annual events getting cancelled or going completely virtual thanks to COVID, there are some that are still moving forward, albeit with new safety precautions in place that may not have been there around this time last year.

That's exactly the case with the 12th annual Bigfork Brewfest, which'll be happening this Saturday in downtown Flathead. It's a popular event, but you may be thinking - wait, how do you do a brewfest, given the current state of things?

Well, don't forget - Missoula actually managed to pull off a socially-distanced brewfest at Ogren Park this past summer, so it can be done! And the Bigfork Brewfest is taking new precautions to ensure the safety of the people who attend. \

First of all, they say they're doing strict sanitation methods and encouraging the use of face masks, that's a given. They're also setting capacity for the event at one thousand people, having lines go opposite directions, and giving people fresh cups for every single pour.

One cool thing about this brewfest is that the proceeds actually go to help out nonprofits in Bigfork - if the event reaches capacity at one thousand people, and they each pay the presale price of $25, that's $25,000 that can go towards helping different organizations in the area, which is very cool. Right now, their current target is to top $10,000, which was the total from last year's event.

Will you be checking out this year's Bigfork Brewfest? Do you feel safe heading to an event like this, even when they're taking safety measures?

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