This week, Governor Bullock announced plans to gradually reopen Montana, and first on the list were businesses and stores, which he says will be able to open again on April 28th.

However, it should be noted that businesses aren't REQUIRED to reopen, and it's essentially up to the individual store owners about how they should proceed. So Betty's Divine, located on Higgins in Missoula, has chosen to stay closed for a while longer.

KPAX spoke to store owner Amiee McQuilkin, who said she doesn't feel prepared to accept customers into the store yet. She feels the guidelines that they've been given are "vague" and "open to interpretation," and she'd rather wait, though it's the hardest business decision she's ever had to make.

I'd expect to hear more about other businesses that choose to stay closed until the pandemic dies down pretty soon - it'll be interesting to see what decides to open up and what doesn't.

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