Sure, when you go on vacation, you could spend a ton of money and stay at the fanciest hotel you can find... but there's something to be said about the coziness and comfort provided by a nice cabin. Growing up, a family friend used to have a cabin near a ski resort that we'd go up and visit during the winters - it was always great to have a place where the kids could run around in the snow while the adults could just chill and drink wine by the fireplace.

Thrillist put together this list of the best cabin rentals across the US, and check it out - two cabins from Montana made the cut!

Have You Been To These Two Montana Cabins?

The first cabin to get the mention would be Chico Luxury Cabins, located in Pray, Montana. They're a part of Chico Hot Springs Resort and the site highlights the cabins' easy access to the heated pool and the award-winning restaurant and saloon. Rates for Chico start at $250 per night.

The second one is a little bit pricier - Cowboy Heaven Cabins, located in Big Sky, Montana. With prices starting at $569 per night, you'll be set up right at Big Sky Resort with access to an indoor fireplace or an outdoor hot tub.

There are a lot of other cabins from across the country which made the list, but do you think any more from Montana should have gotten on there? Do you have a favorite cabin in the state that you like to visit?

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