We have scoured the state in search of the best hamburgers that you NEED to try when you visit Montana, or live here and have a hankering for the best meat between two buns. 

This topic is simply GUARANTEED to ruffle some feathers, but our picks are subject to change with your help! We are just here to get the conversation of the "Best Burgers in Montana" going and are more than open to suggestions. Still, it doesn't hurt to throw OUR favorite picks in the ring:

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    Nap's Grill in Hamilton, Montana

    Nap's is great for their MASSIVE burgers. Some you may just have to take home and tackle for seconds, or even thirds! Trust us, they are enormous and oh, so perfect.

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    Richwine's Burgerville in Polson, Montana

    A summertime tradition for me and the family! Always a bag of Richwine's best before heading off to Flathead Lake. Their most famous ingredient? Bull. Nothing but pure, 100% bull meat processed daily.

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    Bert & Ernies in Helena, Montana

    It's the FIRST destination for most out of town travelers. Simple, but satisfying burgers! And they've had 40 years of perfecting the ultimate burger.

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    Iron Horse Brewpub in Missoula, MT

    Located near the XXXX's downtown, the Iron Horse has many satisfying burger creations that demand to be on this list. They are just the right size with a hearty gourmet approach to fresh burger making.

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    Matt’s Place in Butte, Montana

    This one is on our list simply due to it's "out of the box" approach to burger making. Their specialty "Nuttburger" is unique in that it's a burger patty with crunchy peanut butter slathered on top.

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