Have you ever stopped by The Giggle Box at the Southgate Mall in Missoula? They've only been around for a short while, but they quickly became a hub for interesting art, with its wild, interactive exhibits and its tendency to have fun bringing in local music and comedy shows. But the plan was always for it to be a limited-run thing - they would act as a sort of pop-up museum for a few months, and then maybe take the concept on the road.

Their run at the mall ended up being extended several times, but it looks like it's finally reached an end. The Giggle Box has announced via Instagram that their final day at the Southgate Mall will be coming up on September 25th.

When they wrap up, they plan to auction off several of the installations and pieces of art from throughout the museum. Their post says that they'll now be able to "move on into even more projects within the Montana community and beyond," so hopefully this isn't the last we'll see of them in Missoula.

We headed to the Giggle Box shortly after it re-opened after the COVID shutdowns, and we were delighted and surprised by what they had there - honestly, I don't know if the Southgate Mall is really the Southgate Mall anymore without the big Wu-Tang Clan logo painted in the Giggle Box's lobby.

Are you bummed by the upcoming closure of the Giggle Box? Will you be checking it out one more time before they shut down?

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