If you've ever walked down the Hip Strip in Missoula (which, if you live in Missoula, we're guessing you have), then you almost definitely know Bathing Beauties Beads. They've been a mainstay of the Hip Strip for nearly 30 years... but now, if you stop by where their storefront has always been, you won't find them there.

Here's the good news, though - Bathing Beauties Beads will still be around! Last week, the store moved to a new location on Toole Ave, behind Hunter Bay Coffee. The Missoulian talked to Katie Ghen-Simpson, owner of the store, about the decision to move after all this time. 

It sounds like it wasn't entirely a voluntary decision, at least at first - a new marijuana dispensary called Montana Dispensary offered the landlord three times what she was paying in rent, so they're going to be moving in and remodeling that space. But she's turned the move into a positive change. Ghen-Simpson says that the new location has more room for classes, and will allow them to expand in other areas as well. Plus, they're talking about potential collaborations with their new neighbors, Hunter Bay Coffee and Draught Works Brewery.

Missoula's been changing a lot lately - who knows what the Hip Strip will look like just a few years from now? You can stay updated on what's going on at Bathing Beauties Beads by checking out their Facebook page. Are you going to miss the old location? Are you excited to head to the new place and see what it's like?

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