If you listen to me on the radio or follow me on Instagram (@nicolewrenradio), then you know, or can guess, how much I love a good adventure. Give me hiking boots and a beautiful destination that requires a solid trek over mountains and streams, and I'm a happy camper.

Lucky for me, I've got a few friends who share my total love for the outdoors. So over the weekend we made our final destination the Jerry Johnson Hot Springs and set off on another adventure. Thanks to my dear friend Bailey, who had made the trek a week before, we knew the hot springs were ready and waiting...

If you've never been to Jerry Johnson, I'd highly recommend it. The bridge taking you over the river at the beginning of the hike is absolutely amazing (PERFECT for engagement photos) and the hot springs are only about a mile away from the bridge. There are a couple levels of pools, all varying temperatures, so plan ahead to do a little pool hopping when you get there!

From a difficulty standpoint, the trail leading to Jerry Johnson is relatively flat, with only a few short steep inclines. Hiking in, I wore my purple Sorrels and made it there with no problems. But on our way out, I was super grateful my friend Lauren remembered to bring an extra pair of Yaktrax. The trail is pretty worn in and slick, so having a more secure footing was clutch!

While we were there, Mother Nature decided we needed more snow in our life, so she laid it on pretty thick for a couple of hours. Even though the snow made for a straight-up magical experience sitting in the hot springs, everything we brought got soaking wet. So if you plan on hitting up Jerry Johnson anytime soon, make sure you bring something waterproof to store your belongings in, and of course a working headlamp and a pair of Yaktrax is a must!

Overall, I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend a Saturday or better people to spend it with!

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