It feels like we're at the tipping point of all the events in town getting ready to return as we start to move deeper into spring and then eventually summer. This weekend is a pretty good example as we see the first wave of activities that will be followed by countless others over the next few months around Missoula.

It's going to be a busy weekend!

The Food Truck Festival is a cool new event that will take place at Ogren Park on May 6. It'll be held in the outfield of the ballpark and will feature a collection of main course food trucks, dessert options, activities, and games. Saturday (May 7) sees the return of the Clark Fork River Market as well as the 50th season of the Missoula Farmers' Market.  And if that isn't enough, go ahead and throw in the Garden City BrewFest for good measure as it returns to Caras Park for the first time since 2019. Yep, that should be enough to hold you over for a weekend!

Have you heard of Bamboo Bar?

I'm taking an extra interest in the Clark Fork River Market on Saturday because I see where a new Missoula food truck will be making its debut. Actually, I guess it's more of a drink truck than a food truck, but I'm excited to check it out nevertheless.

Get on island time, on your own time

A post on Bamboo Bar's Facebook page from mid-April announced that they were ready to start booking reservations. It looks like a pretty cool idea to book for a personal function.

Bamboo Bar is Montana's original mobile tiki bar service. We are a full stocked and staff bar service providing custom experiences for weddings, private events, and pop ups.

Another post on their page says Saturday at the market will be their very first event and they'll be serving tropical drinks while listening to island tunes. If you plan on stopping by the Clark Fork River Market, check out Bamboo Bar and give them a big ol' Missoula welcome!

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