Millennials are...

  • lazy
  • stupid
  • the worst
  • entitled
  • screwed

There are sooo many negative connotations that come with the word "millennial." The entire generation of human beings is getting blamed for the actions of a few. But speaking as a millennial, a few rotten apples doesn't spoil the bunch.

I consider myself an extremely hardworking and dedicated individual, and I find it beyond frustiring when other, older, people label me as something else before they even get to know me. To put it simply, they assume the worst. So any small mistake, even if it's the same mistake that they themselves have made a million+ times, is automatically because I'm a millennial. But how are we supposed to change the narrative of something that we didn't start?

Earlier today I was lucky enough to be joined in-studio by Patrick Davis, the author of the new book The Successful Millennial. It was so refreshing getting his point of view of we can, and should, debunk the millennial stereotype.

He laid out a simple plan of how each and every one of us can live a happier life just by refocusing our attention on the things that truly make us happy. So instead of materialistic things like our houses, cars and Lululemon yoga pants, we should care more about our relationships with ourselves, our families and our friends.

Here's a little taste of what The Successful Millennial is all about:

You were meant to do more than work, pay bills, and die. We all live life with one purpose: to be happy. However, all too often we let our biggest enemy get in the way. Who's the enemy? Look in the mirror. Negative thoughts put restrictions on our utmost potential. With the right attitude and perspective, a person can accomplish anything. Life begins on the other side of fear. So, what are you waiting for? Within this book, you will find the entertaining trials and errors of an average person. Within these lessons, I have discovered that my attitude affects the way I see the world, how I treat others, and ultimately, how I perceive myself. In order for people to turn their dreams into reality, they must first change the way they view themselves and their surroundings. When you choose to see a positive outlook on life, the perception of yourself, relationships, time, health, and finances will be more manageable. You will be able to defeat your biggest enemy, which is the person in the mirror. I decided to write this book because I have been my own worst enemy for years and sadly at times, I still am. I thought that if I told my story about all of the mistakes I have made and what I have learned, then, just maybe, I could help others from making the same mistakes. This book isn’t only for the younger generations, but also anyone who feels like they aren’t going anywhere in life. No matter how old you are, it is never too late to go after your dreams. No one is perfect in this world, but our potential is unlimited. I want people to believe that their dreams aren’t unrealistic and that they can accomplish anything they put their mind to. Everyone in this world is meant to do more than work, pay bills, and die.

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