Proof That Ariana Grande Is the Princess of Ponytails

You probably know Ariana Grande for her impressive vocal range, being one of Young Hollywood's most empowering and outspoken minds, and occasionally spilling the beans on her own secret fragrance.

But one of the most significant attributes associated with the "One Last Time" singer seems to be...that signature ponytail. Yes, the indomitable pony!

Whether it’s prominently featured in one of her upside down selfies with a Starbucks latte in hand, or flaunted when Ari's striking the (obviously necessary) backwards stage pose, that lovely mane is always sure to make a cameo.

And since today (June 26) is the Moonlight singer's 22nd birthday — and because you totally saw this one coming — we’ve collected pics of the singer donning every ponytail imaginable to help get you through the weekend.

So no matter if you’re feeling upset, happy or if you simply can't deal, don't worry: there’s an Ariana Grande ponytail for that.

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