In a year where most of our Christmas activities have either been cancelled or severely different, my girlfriend and I decided last week to drive around Missoula and just check out some Christmas lights. And man, we were impressed. There are a lot of cool lights around town right now! Kinda put ours to shame, we need to step up our game next year.

But now we've done that, and there's still a little under two weeks until Christmas, so what do we do until then? Well, I guess we can travel to nearby towns and do the same thing! Actually, the Lolo Light Fight is back this year, so that's definitely something to check out.

Have you heard of the Lolo Light Fight? It only just started last year, but basically, it's exactly what it sounds like - different houses in Lolo are competing against each other for bragging rights over who has the best light display. But there's not a panel of judges determining who wins - they're relying on YOU to vote for who's your favorite!

Here's how it works - there are 24 houses competing in the Lolo Light Fight this year. You can visit their Facebook page right here for a full list of which houses are participating. You drive around, see which one you like the best, and email your votes to

Easy enough, right? You've got until December 22nd to cast your vote, so get out there! Will you be checking out this year's Lolo Light Fight?

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