This recipe I saw on Facebook by one of those videos that always seem to pop up that look so delicious. I will admit the one in the video I saw on Facebook looked better, presentation-wise but the ingredient are all the same and it was delicious. My Seahawks got the win over the Atlanta Falcons yesterday, just barely holding on 26-24 was the final score. And the food that I decided to make for the game was Chili Dog Casserole.

The dish is almost even easier than just making Chili Dogs. You tear up hot dog buns into small pieces, cut up your dogs and lay them on top, cover the whole thing with chili. That is it, unless you want to add onions or mustard as the recipe suggests. I kept both of those off, because I could always add those to the final product if I thought it was needed. In the end the Seahawks got the win and my stomach was more than full after eating this very filling casserole.

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