One of the best parts about the holidays, is everyone's willingness to give back to the community and to those who are in desperate need of our help. Especially our furry friends that could use a little extra love and would appreciate the effort it takes to pull-off an ugly sweater...

Our favorite friends at AniMeals are hosting the Ugly Sweater Kitty Palooza in mid-December! So just in case you were looking for an excuse to dust off your favorite ugly-sweater, this is it! Plus there's gonna be FREE BEER, raffles and awards for the Best Ugly Sweater and Best Cat-Themed Ugly Sweater...

Sounds like a pretty epic night to me! #DoItForTheAnimals

WHAT: Ugly Sweater Kitty Palooza

WHEN: December 16th, 2017

WHERE: Press Box, Missoula, MT

TIME: 7pm


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