American Horror Story will finally close down the Cult with Tuesday’s finale, bringing yet another bloody end to Ryan Murphy’s FX saga. Season 7 brought with it the most Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters characters yet, courtesy of some famous cult flashbacks, but which of their many alter-egos are truly the most American Horror Story? Come, let us rank the Evans Peter and Sarahs Paulson.

Starting way back in Season 1 with American Horror Story: Murder House (an admittedly unofficial title), and stretching all the way through Season 7’s Cult, you might be surprised to learn there are a whopping 24 characters portrayed by the fan-favorite stars. Peters has a leg up with his many Cult personalities, but let’s not sleep on Paulson’s double-headed debut in American Horror Story: Freak Show, or a Hotel visit from her very own psychic doppelganger.

Below, ScreenCrush editors E. Oliver Whitney and Kevin Fitzpatrick have accomplished the impossible, and ranked all Peters and Paulsons in time for the finale. You’re welcome, internet.

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