Man, I miss going to the movies. Missoula's had a few alternatives pop up since movie theaters shut down in March due to the pandemic - Centerfield Cinema at Ogren Park, the new Pharaohplex Drive-In in Hamilton, the new Roxy Garden which opens this weekend - but the actual theater experience, watching a new release with pristine sound and picture... yeah, I really miss it.

Well, good news - AMC Theaters announced its reopening plan today, and Missoula's part of it. The theater chain will open up about 100 of its locations starting on August 20th. Of course, there's no new movies that have been released lately, so they'll be showing older hits they think people will come out to see.

Now, we're not part of that initial 100, but the two AMC locations in Missoula will open their doors on August 27th at less than 30% capacity, and with mask requirements when a customer isn't eating or drinking.

Screencap via Mike Smith
Screencap via Mike Smith

The theaters are attempting to reopen now that a few new releases look set to actually come out - Disney has the new X-Men movie, The New Mutants, scheduled for August 28th. The new Christopher Nolan blockbuster, Tenet, is scheduled for the following week. And Bill and Ted Face The Music, which will also be out on VOD, is scheduled to arrive in "select theaters" as well.

There's no showtimes yet for when the theaters reopen. Will you feel safe heading back to the theater with these new guidelines? Or will you be waiting a while longer before going to see a movie again?

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