Could this be the start of something more exciting coming to Montana? 

The one company that is universally used by a majority of Americans has to be Amazon. Amazon has everything from furniture to clothes to electronics and more. Their website has everything you could need.

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Amazon has grown so much that they've built multiple fulfillment centers and warehouses throughout the United States to help make its deliveries even more convenient. That's why we were surprised and a little perplexed when we saw this news. 

Photo by Christian Wiediger via Unsplash
Photo by Christian Wiediger via Unsplash

KTVH reports that Amazon will be building its first facility in Missoula. This facility will be around 72,000 square feet and a delivery station for Amazon drivers. This new facility will create over 100 jobs and be the first step in Amazon having a presence in Montana. 

I am a fan of this news. Last year, I asked the people of the Gallatin Valley if they would support a facility like this in our area, and many folks were for this type of facility. Amazon is used by so many people for all types of orders, so it makes sense to add a facility like this in Montana. 

Here's my only issue with the news, the location of the facility will be next to the Highway 93/Interstate 90 intersection in Missoula. That part of Missoula is constantly congested and could be a problem for drivers getting in and out of that facility. 

Photo by Adrian Sulyok via Unsplash
Photo by Adrian Sulyok via Unsplash

Plus, wouldn't it make sense to build the Amazon facility closer to the center of Montana? Bozeman makes sense being in the perfect position between Billings, Missoula, and Helena. Even Butte makes sense to have a facility having access to Interstate 15 and Interstate 90. 

We know the Amazon facility will be a few years out from being finished, but we are fully expecting more Amazon news for Montana in the new year. 

For more details, check out KTVH

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